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Performance Division Bollywood

Bollywood dance has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the pure excitement and energy that exudes from Bollywood dancers. Bollywood entertainment has become one of the biggest industries in India.

Praised for their uniqueness, Bollywood productions involve intricately choreographed numbers combined with lively, traditional music.


Our performance division dancers are not required to participate in competitions, but are invited to perform in end-of-year recitals should they choose to. For information on recitals, please refer to the Dance Schedule.

About the Class

Bollywood dancers are taught the graceful, elaborate dance moves that are commonly seen in Indian films. Movements are dramatic, involving traditional hand gestures to help tell a story. Performances are lively and cultural, combining theatrical facial expressions with other complex movements to create an emotional, dynamic experience.

Dress Code

  • No jeans or street clothes
  • Long hair must be up and in a ponytail
  • Dancers that arrive without appropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate, no exceptions
  • Black fitted dancewear/activewear tank top
    • Eg. Lululemon or Iviva Athletica
  • Bare feet
  • Black leggings or black shorts
    • Shorts must be at least 3” in the inseam

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We have a private parking lot and are located across from Renert School.


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