Competitive Division (Age 5 – 18)

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Programs for the Passionate Dancer

At Premiere Dance Academy, we offer programs and classes for individuals with an innate passion for dance. In the Competitive Division, our dancers push themselves to succeed, polish their technique, and take part in competitions to show off their talents.

We develop our students into well-rounded, polite, and confident dancers that look forward to competing and that feeling of accomplishment. Although we push our dancers to give it their all, we place value on personal skill acquisition rather than winning, so they truly gain an appreciation for the art of dance.


Our competitive acro program teaches flexibility, core strength, and various floor gymnastic and acrobatic movements. These specific movements can be incorporated into dances and routines, improving flexibility and rhythm.

This class focuses on smooth movements and acrobatic tricks worked into choreography for competitions throughout the year. Students with a background in gymnastics are encouraged to join!

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Our competitive ballet program is designed to develop the technique required of a professional dancer. Premiere Dance Academy has highly-trained faculty members that teach and offer the Cecchetti, Royal Academy of Dance, and Vaganova Syllabi and techniques.

Our ballet students also have the opportunity to take part in R.A.D. Ballet Examinations to pave their path to a future in dance.

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Jazz has its roots in African dance, and was once considered a street dance that has now evolved into the technical genre it is today. Jazz is also closely intertwined with both Rhythm tap and Broadway tap, allowing dancers to engage in rhythmical footwork and creative combinations.

Our faculty is expertly-trained to take dancers through the Al Gilbert, ADAPT, ISTD Tap, CDTA, New York Style, and LA Style Syllabi.

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Hip Hop dance is a style of street dance that evolved as a part of hip hop culture. Our Hip Hop programs teach dancers various techniques like popping, locking, and breaking made famous by dance crews throughout the United States in the 1970s.

Our Hip Hop classes encourage creativity as the style is often improvisational and allows dancers to “freestyle” movements.

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Our Contemporary and Lyrical programs offer a more modern avenue of dance that many of our students enjoy. Although both styles have roots in ballet, they are more relaxed and allow the fusion of emotion to influence their movements.

Our Contemporary and Lyrical programs require students to be enrolled in ballet as a prerequisite.

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Tap dance is a style of dance characterized by the sound of a metal “tap” on the heel and toe of a shoe striking the floor. Tap has evolved into 2 major variations, Rhythm tap and Broadway tap.

We offer classes focused on teaching students through the Al Gilbert, ADAPT, ISTD Tap, CDTA, New York Style, and LA Style Syllabi, guiding them through creative combinations, challenging beats, and rhythmical footwork.

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Musical theatre is a fun and energetic way for students to express themselves through a combination of song and dance. Our classes involve drama and improv exercises, singing, lip-syncing, performance techniques, and Jazz dance.

We take pride in offering dancers the opportunity to practice their dance techniques and hone their acting skills.

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