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Performance Division Programs for Recreational Dancers

At Premiere Dance Academy, we offer programs and classes for individuals with an innate passion for dance. In the Performance Division, our dancers can learn new techniques, combinations, and styles of dance in a pressure-free environment.

We develop our students into well-rounded, polite, and confident dancers that are invited to showcase their skills at our year-end recitals. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming atmosphere for students with a mutual love of dance to come together.

Our Performance Division dancers are not required to participate in competitions, but are invited to perform in end-of-year recitals should they choose to. Information on recitals will be provided to registered dancers during the season.


Our Performance Division Acro program teaches flexibility, core strength, and various floor gymnastic and acrobatic movements geared towards participants ability and age.

Performance Division Acro dance classes are designed to teach students balancing, limbering, and tumbling in a safe environment. Classes are developed to engage students in a fun and exciting way. Elements of Ballet, Jazz, yoga, and gymnastics are used to help students develop their acrobatic skills while having fun doing it!

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Our Performance Division Ballet classes are designed to teach students the traditional graceful movements and technique of classical Ballet. Premiere Dance Academy’s highly-trained Faculty members teach a variety of syllibi and techniques which include but are not limited to Cecchetti, ISTD, RAD, and Vaganova. Dancers are encouraged to move with intention, poise, and elegance.

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Bollywood dance is a graceful, cultural style of dance that is commonly seen in Indian films. The movements have evolved from a combination of Belly-Dancing, Jazz, and Folk, among other styles.

Movements are dramatic, involving traditional hand gestures that are used to tell a story. All parts of the body are involved, coupled with theatrical facial expressions to create an emotional experience.

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Contemporary is also a modern “pseudo genre” that is inspired by various traditional styles of dance. Contemporary movements are reminiscent of Classical, Modern, and Jazz dance styles with room for creativity and expression.

Dance pieces involve the controlled legwork often seen in traditional Ballet combined with the improvisation and theatrical movement seen in modern dance.

Contemporary dancers are encouraged to use gravity to their advantage in specific movements, often involving deliberate falls to the floor. We teach dancers to use bodyweight to enhance their movements.

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Hip Hop dance is a subsection of Hip Hop culture, which was popularized in the South Bronx community of New York City in the 1980s. Hip Hop culture stemmed from graffiti art, break dancing, deejaying, and rap music.

Hip Hop dance performances are characterized by sharp movements referred to as breaking, locking, and popping, primarily performed to Hip Hop music. Dancers are often encouraged to show their creativity through improvisation, referred to as “freestyling.”

At Premiere Dance Academy, our Hip Hop classes are a fun way to stay active. Our dancers are encouraged to exercise their minds and bodies through freedom of expression, incorporating high-energy movements into planned choreography and freestyle segments.

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Jazz classes at Premiere Dance Academy are high-energy. We pride ourselves on teaching dancers to move with a low centre of gravity while showcasing challenging movements and steps.

Our Faculty is expertly-trained to work dancers through a combination of the Al Gilbert, ADAPT, ISTD Jazz, New York Style, and LA Style Syllabi & more. Our Faculty continuously works towards providing up to date and current dance styles and techniques to our dancers.

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Lyrical dance is an expressive, fluid style of dance that borrows specific styles and techniques from both traditional Ballet and Jazz. Dancers are encouraged to show emotion through graceful movements and challenging choreography.

Lyrical is considered a “pseudo genre”, as it does not fit into a traditional style of dance but uses various movements and techniques from various genres with a modernized spin.

Lyrical classes are focused on self-expression and emotion conveyed through the art of dance. Dancers are encouraged to perform in bare feet, using the combined techniques of classical ballet with the high-energy movements commonly seen in Jazz choreography.

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Musical Theatre is a fun and energetic way for students to express themselves through a combination of song and dance. Our classes involve drama and improv exercises, singing, lip-syncing, performance techniques, and Jazz dance.

We take pride in offering dancers an outlet to practice their dance techniques and hone their acting skills.

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We are dedicated to helping our students build a strong foundation for Tap dance. Students will learn elements that can help create a confident dancer, capable of performing creative combinations, challenging beats, and rhythmical footwork.

We help students master the ability to perform precise and technical footwork while having fun. Our talented instructors focus on some of the following syllibi: Al Gilbert, ADAPT, ISTD Tap, New York Style, LA Style and more.

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